HI and welcome to Francus!

I started this adventure to bring a different perspective on men’s performance sportswear.
I have always been frustrated with the sports apparel that does not correspond to my standards of elegance and values.
The idea that we have to look like a stereotype when we are active is not for me.
Being active isn’t just about breaking records. Our modern life is active.
Because we are living an engaged lifestyle, I wanted to create a brand and a state of mind that represent how we live and who we are.
And we are more than just athletes, life partners, globetrotters, fathers or entrepreneurs : we are all this at the same time.
All in all, Francus is just like you : someone who lead the way, give his best self in all circumstances, always move forward, don’t accept the status quo. who wants to live a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

You are a free man